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This Was The Dream All Along

Most kids love Christmas, the presents, the candy, the lights...Santa. I loved those things too, but it was so much more for me.

I began my life in the modern age of the aluminum Christmas tree.

They were uniform, shiny, and somehow beautiful in their own way. That’s how it began with me, the shiny wonder of Christmas! Kids grow up, the tinsel becomes dull, and memories fade. But Christmas has always been “Shiny Brite” for me.

I should have known that September in fifth grade, when mom told me that most normal kids did not decorate their bedroom like a department store. Standing among the red and green construction paper chain garlands, the wreaths made to fit each window pane, the snowflakes, the Christmas music blaring….I was shocked!

Did you guys grow up with Firestone Christmas Albums? They are still my favorites!

High School, I may have joined the choir right after their Christmas Concert. I made my way to the director Mrs. Patterson and asked what the last song was. She immediately pulled the score from her binder and gave it to me.

Carol of the Bells has been my favorite Christmas Carol ever since.

Mrs. “P” also instilled in me a love for singing and music, which I treasure.
After High School, one of my first and favorite jobs was at George’s. I remember dreaming while organizing stock of owning a store that sold completely decorated Christmas Trees, every imaginable ornament and shipping them everywhere. Something unheard of in the late 80s. Maybe I was ahead of my time? I still have ornaments from George’s that hang on my Christmas Tree every year.


Christmas Stores!

Today, I have a well-documented addiction to Christmas Stores. Where ever I see one, I stop, take pictures, buy a few ornaments...and repeat. Really, that is what brought me to this moment. This past April, on vacation, I was busy posting pictures of my Christmas Store adventures. Lots of pictures. Too many, in fact. My friends began to worry, commenting that they may need to plan an intervention, and then it happened. Someone asked the question.

“Why don’t you open a Christmas store?”

Why did I not think of this! It was only logical! There it was, the dream I had been dreaming but did not realize! They always say, “Do what you love,” and I love Christmas. The Christmas Trees and lights, the magic, Santa, Carols, the Christmas Cookies, Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, the smell of incense and pine….all of it. Let’s just say, I believe!

So what is in it for you? Well, I can’t promise you your own Hallmark Movie, but I can offer you some year-round Christmas Magic and maybe a few other holidays too. And one day, maybe one day, a Boxwood Lane store near you! So share with me, what is your favorite Christmas memory? What made you believe in Christmas magic?

Special thanks

To my Grandmother Hazel, my Mom Crystal, Mrs. Patterson, Step-Mom Sandra, Kendall, and Buddy the Elf for sharing Christmas with me and giving me enough Christmas Spirit to realize this dream today,
Until next time, Merry Christmas!

PS: If this ends up being a Hallmark Movie for me….I’m cool with that!


  • Crystal Custer
    October 22, 2021

    Your store is just what this world needs right now! Christmas spirit, christmas Love, christmas peace. Wishing for you great success ! may we always ‘believe’

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