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The Easy Secret to Delicious Turkey

Actually, there are many secrets to a good family gathering, and since I am trying to get you to the delicious turkey, I am only going to share a few.

If you are the chief cook and bottle washer this year…relax.

Take it slow and plan it out.

There are always a few dishes that can be made the day before!

If someone offers to help…say, YES!

Have them do something, anything to help. Folding napkins, setting the table, basting the turkey, or taking the trash out. They get that warm feeling knowing they contributed to a beautiful meal, and you have one less thing on your proverbial plate!

Clean-up! In one word…delegate! OK, two words. DELEGATE!

You have shopped, prepared, and cooked. Now, tell your crew what to do!. The secret is giving your cleanup crew a plan of action. What to clean, what to do with left-overs, and what to leave soaking in the sink are the most important. (Super-secret right here; it doesn’t have to look perfect. It just has to be livable and somewhat better than the food explosion that it was!)

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Now, let’s talk Turkey! There are so many options that it is easy to get dismayed. Smoked turkey, deep-fried, spit-roasted, and my favorite, the

I know, if you have never used one of these, you may be thinking that it is cheating or somehow not worthy of my Thanksgiving Dinner. Oh, but it is! If you follow the directions on the box, this bag produces a moist on the inside and crispy on the outside bird.

And please, don’t call the turkey “Big Bird” in front of the little kids!


As for flavor, this is my go-to secret for that

Coat the outside of the bird with butter (or under the skin),

Salt and pepper to taste. Fresh coarse pepper and Celtic Sea Salt are the best.

Pick your herbs; I like Thyme, Oregano, and a bit of Marjoram.

Remove all the bonus parts from inside the turkey.

Quarter 1 to 2 of each- onions, Granny Smith Apples, and good oranges

About 4 stalks of celery,

Up to 10 cloves of garlic (or more)

And pack it into the bird!

Again, follow the instructions, check the bird’s temp when done, add some garnish to the platter, and have some delicious turkey!

Now, one quick secret for the meal itself.

Don’t try to force that Hallmark moment.

Let it unfold in the natural, goofy, slightly dysfunctional family that you are! Tell everyone you are thankful for them and fill up that plate and eat!

May your family and mine be blessed and grateful this Thanksgiving!


PS: How do you cook yours? Do you have a special Turkey hint?

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