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Has your Christmas lost its magic?

Do you remember the Christmas specials on television when we were kids?

The pillows, blankets, and popcorn on the living room floor? And the excitement! We planned for these things!

Now that they’re available anytime with the click of a button, it seems like the magic is missing.

Where did all the anticipation go?

  • The sugar induced excitement that comes from sneaking fudge off the kitchen counter for breakfast.
  • Decorating the tree and laughing at the paper ornament with that old photo of you (yes, with that haircut) pasted to it.
  • Candles flickering in the dining room window while Christmas songs fill the house.

Maybe, they are just fading memories, but couldn’t we all use a little Christmas magic right now?

Let us help you find it again.


I started Boxwood Lane because my fondest memories are all wrapped up in Christmas.

Yes, I can vaguely recall my childhood birthday parties, but I remember Christmases; Santa, the glass ornaments, even the year I got those rust colored corduroys that I never wore. 

Somehow, I’ve worked in retail for over 25 years and I still love Christmas! To be honest, I own over 90 Christmas CDs because, let’s face it, Christmas music is the best. 

OK, I love every song except The Little Drummer Boy. But that is another story!

Shopping at Boxwood Lane is a magical experience


It doesn’t matter if your tree is big or small, artificial or real, or a little table-top Charlie Brown tree. 

When you turn on those lights, it’s magic and everything else just fades into the background.

There was one year that I didn’t put up a tree because I was “too swamped.” 

I really don’t want to talk about it but I did learn something. Had I made time to turn on the Christmas magic, those stressful evenings after a long day at work would have been oh so much better. It was as simple as flipping a switch and watching the room fill with sparkling light and color. So I did just that! December 25th went up the tree and I celebrated the 12 Days of Christmas with a whole lot more joy.

It was a transformative was Christmas Magic!

Tony decorated all of our trees at Great Additions. One of our most popular trees was missing the finishing touch, the tree topper. Thinking outside of the box, Tony gathered gold candlesticks, candles, and ribbon and arranged them in the top of the tree. I thought he was crazy but we were sold out before the weekend!



At the moment, we’re an online store, but our first Christmas home store is opening in Roanoke, VA right in time for the 2022 Christmas season.

Even though the Christmas season technically begins on December 25th and goes for 12 more days, my plan is to give you plenty of time to shop in our brick and mortar location long before the big man in red slides down your chimney.

Eventually, I hope to be a part of designing your magical holidays by decking your halls for you. Over the years, I’ve decorated Christmas Trees for Heironimus (beloved department store of SW Virginia), George’s… an affair with flowers, many private homes, and several businesses.

I’m already sourcing mercury glass ornaments from Poland, traditional wooden ornaments from Germany, and sparkling lights to bring a curated Christmas magic to those dark winter nights.

Until our Roanoke location opens, I’m excited to help you make Christmas Magic 365 days a year.

I believe there’s a little bit of Christmas spirit in every holiday. You can count on Boxwood Lane to help you celebrate all the holidays, Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter- all year round.

Boxwood Lane is my dream come true. I’m happy you’re joining me to curate something more beautiful and unique than what you can get at the big box stores.

So go on, sneak a little fudge for breakfast and hum “White Christmas” no matter how hot it is outside. I’m right here with you feeling the Christmas Magic 365 days a year.



Anthony Hash
Boxwood Lane Founder
Lead Curator

Getting excited about Christmas isn’t just for kids.

It takes a lot of courage to stop pretending to hate Christmas music. 

Are you ready to let go and let the magic in?

Start to decorate your life again!


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