5.2 Inch Blue Santa Ornament – Cozy Christmas Eve by Inge Glass


  • Blue Santa
  • Handblown
  • Glass
  • Made in Germany

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Handblown glass


Children can hardly wait for Santa to visit and a Christmas Tree is full of Christmas Magic for children and adults alike. Make it something dazzling and special with this Inge Glass of Germany Collection. The combination of traditional colors with blue and black creates an intense but magical color scheme for your tree. Look for complementary ornaments with poinsettias and sparkling little crystals.

The Star Cap guarantees you have a genuine Inge Glass Ornament. German craftsmanship, handmade, family-owned

Each ornament is hand-blown and the distinctive brilliance is added with a genuine sterling silver coating applied to the interior of the ornament. Inge Glass of Germany is the oldest Christmas Ornament company in the world founded in the mid-1850s.

These are handmade heirloom quality ornaments perfect for gifting and decorating your own beautiful tree!

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