3.5 Inch Freedom Art Heart Keeper


  • Heart Box
  • Patriotic
  • Freedom


3″w x 3.5″d

resin, paper, metal, iron, felt

© 2021 Lori Siebert for DEMDACO

Give a loved one a useful and meaningful artisan gift with this keepsake dish. Sculpted metal with a stars and stripes design by artist Lori Siebert, the Freedom Art Heart Keeper dish bears the words, “Faith, Freedom, Family.”

The flag-like design will be a very welcome addition to any home of someone who is serving or has served our country.

The dish can be held in the hand and displayed for an impactful but not intrusive statement and can be placed on a table, desk, shelf, or dresser top. Anywhere treasures may be kept. This is the perfect inspirational sculpture to provide support to a selfless and brave individual with a gift as useful as it is sentimental.

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